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Free Tacos Mañana…y Otras Mentiras
El Idea Man Strikes Again!
Moonshine and Mexicans
Mexican-American Gothic

Free Tacos Mañana…y Otras Mentiras is the fifth studio album from San Antonio-based hellraising iconoclast Mark Weber, known to friends, fans, and foes as “El Tacuache.”

When he’s not needling long-suffering Dallas Cowboys fans on Facebook, playing softball, roller skating, hauling junk, playing accordion at San Martin de Porres church, or taking over the airwaves on KEDA radio in San Antonio, Weber can be found entertaining crowds far and wide with his unique combination of humor, showmanship, talent, and heart. His live shows are not to be missed!

In between all of that (and sometimes during) Weber writes songs. Of the twelve tracks on this album, ten are El Tacuache originals, solidifying Weber as one of Conjunto’s most prolific songwriters. Not only that, his songs also carry on the tradition of folks like Wally Gonzalez and the late, great Nick Villarreal, offering a humorous take on life.

On this album, you’ll hear a capirotada of styles from straight-ahead Conjunto to old-time rock and roll to country to cumbia, and more. You’ll hear satire, social commentary, and even a heartfelt tribute to his fellow veterans. For a bilingual transplant from Ohio who learned to play the accordion from Valerio Longoria, this just makes sense. So buckle up, grab some free tacos, and take a spin with Mark Weber y Los Cuernos.

1. Free Tacos Mañana…y Otras Mentiras – M. Weber

2. Busted for Drugs – M. Weber

3. El Quelite – S. Gutierrez

4. Fireball Medley – J.P. Richardson, J. Greenan, J. O’Keefe, and D. Owens

5. I Asked Her to Kill Me – M. Weber

6. Las Sucias – M. Weber

7. Mas Chicano Que Tu – M. Weber

8. Mas Gringo Que Tu – M. Weber

9. Paracaidistas – M. Weber

10. Sancho Via (Banda) – M. Weber

11. Sancho Via (Conjunto) – M. Weber

12. Splenda Daddy – M. Weber

Released in May 2018, ¡El Idea Man Strikes Again! is the third studio album from Mark Weber y Los Cuernos and features six originals, along with five covers of some of his favorite tunes. This album has it all: Conjunto, Country, Roots Rhythm & Blues, and even a little Rock!

Track listing:

1. Aguanta La Vara (M. Weber)

2. Payaso Por Tu Amor (M. Weber)

3. The Girl From Walgreens (M. Weber)

4. Mexi-Barbie (M. Weber)

5. Badge 988 (M. Weber)

6. West Side Polka (F. Perez)

7. Cocaine Blues (arr. M. Weber)

8. Fats domino Medley

9. Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills Music

10. The Real McCoy (M. Weber)

11. Donde Nace La Flor

Credits: Mark Weber, Luis Ortiz, Eloy Espinoza, David Escalante, Woody Rodriguez, Mark Skelton, Oscar Garcia, Melissa Daniels, Urban Urbano, Paul Kandera, Frank Rodarte, Rob Brunét, Jordan Fonseca (gritos), Jonathan Espinoza (Hey Fresco!)

Recorded at Escalante Studios, San Antonio, TX

Moonshine & Mexicans, released in 2017, is the second studio album from Mark Weber y Los Cuernos and features an impressive ten original tracks written by the man himself and two cover tunes from two of his biggest influences.

1. La Paleta De Un Iscrinero (M. Weber)

2. Nobody’s Better Than You (M. Weber)

3. Where’s The Weed? (M. Weber)

4. La De Ebola (M. Weber)

5. Wrong Thing To The Wrong Vato (M. Weber)

6. El Mero Mero Desde RGV (M. Weber)

7. 200 N. Comal (M. Weber)

8. The Sancha Song (M. Weber)

9. South Texas Catholic ACTS Retreat (M. Weber)

10. Bexar County Panty Patrol (M. Weber)

11. Abre El Corazon (B. Owens)

12. La Barranca (V. Longoria)


Vocals – Mark Weber, Luis Ortiz, Eloy Espinoza

Accordion – Mark Weber, Eloy Espinoza

Bajo Sexto – Oscar Garcia, Frank Vidales

Lead & Rhythm Guitar – Luis Ortiz

Bass Guitar – David Escalante

Keyboard – Eloy Espinoza, Jonathan Valdez

Drums – Albert “Woody” Rodriguez

Roscoe P. Coltrane Laugh – Eloy Espinoza

Moonshine – Uncle Eugene

Recorded at Escalante Studios, San Antonio, TX between 2015 and 2016

Released in 2009, Mexican-American Gothic is the debut CD from San Antonio-based Mark Weber y Los Cuernos. Features the hit single, “Busted, Disgusted and Living in Hondo.”

  1. Busted Disgusted and Living in Hondo (M. Weber)
  2. Welcome To My World
  3. Kaw-Liga
  4. El Guey (M. Weber)
  5. Corazon Del Pueblo
  6. Tiger By The Tail
  7. Florita De Mexico
  8. Lovesick Blues
  9. Waitin’ In Your Welfare Line
  10. La Politica
  11. Tacuache’s Christmas Song (M. Weber)

Mark Weber – accordion and vocals

Richard Davila “Guero Polkas” – vocals

Roger “Rabbit” Garza – guitar, bass, vocals

Roger Edgington – steel guitar

Rudy Calderon – bass

Rodney Galindo – drums

Albert “Woody” Rodriguez – drums, Pavo’s voice

Ben Barker – photographer, graphic artist

Laura Barrera – assistant photographer

Doris B. Weber – model

Toby Torres, Jr. – mastering, graphics

Recorded at Toby’s Grammy Award Winning Custom Recording Studio, San Antonio, TX